After many years of working as a photographer, I developed another hobby - the creation of images enhanced by make-up and hair styling.
This began when working on photo sessions, I saw the change in the models after the stylists had altered their hair and make-up. It seemed like magic and I knew with training I could create styles  to show my clients at their very best. I studied with the best stylists I had worked with previously because I trusted their knowledge and skills. I attended master classes and training sessions to enhance my expertise. Today I am able to both create the images and photograph them too!
At the gallery you can see examples of my work:-
Make-up for day wear.
Make-up for evening wear.
Creative make-up.
Hair Styling.
I would be delighted if you could take the time to look at my gallery and if you would like to try out a new image then do get in touch with me.